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Have you had trouble building new habits and achieving your goals or resolutions in the past?

If so, you’re not alone. Research shows that only about 8% of people stick to their New Year’s Resolution for the entire year. Likewise, roughly 90% of people that successfully lose weight regain it all back within a year.

This struggle to change habits and achieve long-term goals has led to generations of incredibly unhappy and unhealthy people all over the world. 

According to Daniel Goleman, Psychologist and author of the book Emotional Intelligence: 

“Each successive generation worldwide since the opening of the twentieth century has lived with a higher risk than their parents of suffering a major depression— not just sadness, but a paralyzing listlessness, dejection, and self-pity, and an overwhelming hopelessness.”

Likewise, an estimated 71% of deaths worldwide are due to chronic diseases. These are diseases that can be largely managed or even prevented with healthy lifestyle choices such as exercise, nutrition, and stress management techniques.

These statistics make it clear that we are heading in the wrong direction. People all over the world are in desperate need of a way to develop long-term habits that contribute to increased happiness, health, and overall well-being.

Why Do People Struggle So Much To Develop New Habits?

There are many reasons that people struggle to convert new habits into their lifestyles long-term. Some of these are that they:

  • Have unrealistic expectations about the amount of time and effort it will take.
  • Try to change too much too fast.
  • Lack of motivation, social support, and/or accountability.
  • Lack the knowledge or skills relating to the new habit or time management.
  • Self-limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that limit growth.

The Solution

So what is the solution to the rapidly declining happiness and health of the world’s population?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one, not a simple one anyway. This hole is going to take some serious effort and time to climb out of. 

But, I think the solution starts with helping people form better habits that they can actually stick to and turn into a lifestyle. Especially habits and goals in the areas of life that are known to affect health, happiness, and overall well-being.

This is where the Happy.Healthy.Whole Project comes in.

What Exactly Is The Happy.Healthy.Whole Project (HHWP)?

Simply put, The Happy.Healthy.Whole Project (HHWP) is a framework through which a person can work towards improving the parts of their lives that affect happiness, health, and overall well-being. 

The ultimate goal of the HHWP, is to improve both health and happiness by making changes to everyday habits and thought-processes in a way that will result in long-term, sustainable improvements to overall quality of life.

The HHWP can be used as a framework to achieve any type of goal including those related to: health, mindset, finances, career, relationships etc. Whatever kind of goal you have will work with the HHWP as it is simply a method for writing, organizing, planning, and tracking goals to make them more manageable and achievable.

Factors that affect overall well-being (a mind map).
The Happy.Healthy.Whole Project takes a wholistic approach to well-being by taking all of the above factors into account.

Introducing The Happy.Healthy.Whole Workbook & Planner

The Happy.Healthy.Whole Workbook & Planner is a 142 page ebook that includes all of the resources, tools, and knowledge to build the skills you will need to successfully complete your own Happy.Healthy.Whole Project.

Cover Image of The Happy.Healthy.Whole Workbook & Planner
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The Happy.Healthy.Whole Workbook & Planner includes:

  • A step-by-step framework including directions for how to set-up your own personal Happy.Healthy.Whole Project.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can ask me questions and meet other people working on their own HHWP.
  • An assessment to help you figure out which parts of your life present the most opportunity for improvement in terms of overall well-being and happiness.
  • 4 activities designed to help you reflect on what a fulfilling life looks like to you, as well as your motivations, and values.
  • Actionable steps to overcome the negative mindset that may be holding you back.
  • Best practices for goal-setting, action planning, habit tracking, and self-reflection.
  • Tips for how to make sustainable changes, troubleshoot issues, and stick to your goals.
  • Directions and lots of examples of how to fill out the worksheets provided.
  • Twelve monthly goal setting and action planning worksheets.
  • 12-months of habit tracking worksheets.
  • One year of weekly self-reflection worksheets.
  • Four overall well-being assessments (to be performed every 3 months) to measure progress.
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Who The Happy.Healthy.Whole Workbook & Planner Is For

Pretty much everyone can benefit from doing their own HHWP. You don’t have to be particularly unhappy or unhealthy to benefit from it. No one is perfect, so there is always at least one part of life that could use some work.

The Happy.Healthy.Whole Workbook & Planner is for pretty much everyone, especially people that:

  • Want to achieve personal growth, or improve overall well-being & long-term happiness.
  • Are looking for long-term solutions rather than quick fixes.
  • Have goals in any area(s) of life including health, fitness, mindset, money, career, time management, relationships etc.
  • Have had trouble sticking to goals or resolutions in the past.
  • Like having a little more guidance, accountability, and direction when making a change.
  • Feel that they could benefit from a supportive community who is on the same mission as they are.

Who The Happy.Healthy.Whole Workbook & Planner Is Not For

The Happy.Healthy.Whole Workbook & Planner is NOT for people that:

  • Are just looking for a shortcut or quick fix.
  • Are looking for a cure or treatment to physical or mental disabilities or diseases.
  • Want a one-size-fits-all program. 

12 Benefits Of Using The Happy.Healthy.Whole Workbook & Planner

At this point you may be asking, what can The Happy.Healthy.Whole Workbook & Planner do for me? What benefits can I hope to get out of using this ebook and starting my own HHWP?

The Happy.Healthy.Whole Workbook & Planner:

  1. Focuses on overall well-being which improves overall quality of life long-term.
  2. Helps you identify your biggest opportunities for growth so that you can spend your time working on the things that will give you the most benefit for your effort.
  3. Allows for a high level of personalization so that the project serves YOUR needs, thereby increasing its effectiveness.
  4. Provides organization and structure for your goals, with an overarching and cohesive plan.
  5. Helps you start where you’re at and build up from there, so that getting started is less intimidating.
  6. Encourages you reflect on what is and isn’t working so you can learn faster and overcome barriers, decreasing frustration.
  7. Takes the guesswork out of the goal setting and action planning process.
  8. Makes big goals seem less intimidating and more manageable.
  9. Provides accountability to help you stick to and achieve your goals.
  10. Allows you to easily see your progress which builds motivation.
  11. Encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, increasing your confidence.
  12. Comes with a private Facebook group where you can ask me questions and find support from others who are doing their own HHWP.
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What Others Have To Say About The Happy.Healthy.Whole Workbook & Planner

“This is definitely a great idea for many to use in preparation for the new year. You can use this set to help breakdown larger tasks to smaller ones and set reachable goals. I really like the part where we are reminded that self-care isn’t being selfish. It’s important to be mindful about being whole as a person.”

– Vivian

“This was an extremely helpful survey. Definitely gives me a great starting place! I already purchased your workbook and planner. They make me hopeful because they are like a map to which direction I want to take for my future. Thank you!”

– Kathryn

“I enjoyed working through the ebook, it was informative and kept me engaged. It also allowed me to reflect, especially through the wheel of life activity. It gave me clarity that I didn’t know I needed.”


Still not sure The Happy.Healthy.Whole Workbook & Planner is right for you?

I am willing to let you take the Life Balance Survey which is included in the ebook (and Kathryn mentioned in her testimonial above) for FREE before you buy. The purpose of this survey is to help you decide which areas of your life might offer the biggest increases in happiness and well-being for your effort.

Many people don’t know this, but psychologists and health experts commonly agree that there are 8 different dimensions that affect happiness and overall well-being. If any of these dimensions is out of balance, the person will feel unfulfilled, like something is missing in their life.

Click on the image below to take this survey and find out which areas of your life are already well balanced, and which areas present the best opportunity for growth and improvement!

How Balanced is your life? Thake the FREE survey to find out!

About The Author

By this point you might be wondering who I am to give advice on forming new habits and improving overall well-being. That’s a fair question!

I am Clarissa, the author of The Happy.Healthy.Whole Workbook & Planner. I have always been fascinated with health, habits, fitness, and the human body. 

I was a sprinter and hurdler at the University of Washington where I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Anatomy and Physiology. From there I spent some time coaching the women’s sprint and hurdle squad at my old high school before moving to the desert to attend Arizona State University. 

At ASU, I earned my Master’s of Science degree in Exercise & Wellness while working as a graduate assistant strength and conditioning coach for many of the athletic teams at ASU including basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, and soccer. My Master’s thesis looked at whether or not women who had lost weight were able to keep it off after a year. 

After earning my Master’s degree, I taught exercise physiology, behavior change, nutrition, and exercise prescription at a community college for 3.5 years while coaching and teaching boot camp style fitness classes on the side.

Then I moved to Hawaii, where for three years, I taught people how to rappel waterfalls!

Now I am blogging and working on building an online health coaching business so that I can use my skills to help others while also achieving more work-life balance.

I created the HHWP as a self-discovery & personal growth journey during a turning point in my own life, and documented it all on my blog which you can read about HERE if you’d like.

As the author of an ebook on health and happiness, you might think that I have always been an extremely happy and healthy person, but you would be mistaken. 

I have worked very hard over the last 7 to 8 years to improve my mindset, increase my happiness, and improve my overall health. If you’d like to read more about my happiness epiphany, you can do so here.

And of course, if there is anything else you would like to know about me, please feel free to reach out to me using the comment form on my website, or any of my social media accounts which can be found at the bottom of this page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is The HAPPY.HEALTHY.WHOLE WORKBOOK & Planner only for people that are very unhealthy and unhappy?

No, absolutely not! I was actually at my happiest when I created the HHWP and started working my own HHWP. No matter where you you are in terms of health, happiness, or well-being, there is always room for growth and improvement.

Is it only for people that want to eat better and exercise more?

No, the HHWP is simply a framework for achieving goals. It really doesn’t matter what those goals are. They could be health related, but they could just as easily relate to mindset, career, relationships, hobbies, or anything else that is important to you.

Is the HHWP a cure for depression or chronic diseases?

No, definitely not. The HHWP is aimed at improving health and happiness, but it can not cure any disease, either mental or physical. If you are concerned, it is best to seek help from a licensed medical doctor.

What results do you guarantee?

I can not guarantee any specific results as everyone’s HHWP will be completely different since it is designed to be highly personalized to your specific goals, values, and lifestyle.

Do you offer refunds?

No I am sorry, because this is a digital product, all sales are final, No refunds and no returns accepted,

What if I have questions after I buy the Happy.Healthy.Whole Workbook & Planner?

I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have about setting up your own Happy.Healthy.Whole Project! The best way to get ahold of me is to join the free private Facebook group exclusively for people that purchased this product. You will find the link to join on page 1 of the Happy.Healthy.Whole Workbook.

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